A downloadable game for Windows

The level is a prototype for mechanics.

♡ Controls

  • [Left/Right Arrows] = Move
  • [Z] = Time magic Shoot
  • [X] = Jump
  • [A] = Pause/Change time magic
  • [S] = Self time magic
  • [F] = Fullscreen
  • [1/2/3/4/5] = Custom resolution from 160x144

♡ Credits


clockmancer gbjam ver.rar 13 MB


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how do you get paste the block that only moves towards you and back? with the 2 spike pits below you?

I got it, beat the game.
good game, once you know what to do.
but it would be nice if there was some better control scheme, I mean sometimes you have to flip between refresh and stop repeatedly.
so having to use A up arrow A in between, before you can use the next spell is kind of annoying :-/


Thanks for playing the game!

I'm still working on the game, and I'll make another system of spell soon!

it's a good game, it just needs to many button  presses to switch between spells.

but PLEASE, dont make it mouse wheel based.
cause the mouse wheel is the most inaccurate thing ever.

one idea would be to assign the spells to number keys and have some pause button somewhere.

or q and e to scroll to the next or prev spell.
or something like that :-)